is our motivation!



Underground heating for earlier availability!

Our asparagus plants are watered with drip irrigation, but that is not the only hidden factor aiding the plant.
Two further tubes run alongside the roots with flowing warm water. These tubes heat the ground which permits the asparagus spears to grow earlier.

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With all these tubes and technology in cultivation one starts wondering: is this sustainable?
We elaborated a way to work as naturally and sustainably as possible.

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Save water!

The water used for heating flows in a closed circuit, so every drop is saved and re-used.


Protect the environment!

Our asparagus is heated with certified energy in order to preserve the quality of air, water and soil, thus also humans and the environment.



We follow the guidelines of the Center for Sustainable Leadership of the University Witten/Herdecke and got certified in March 2018.

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Our company stands for eco-friendly production. Our guidelines include ecological, economic and social aspects:

1. Responsible handling of resources
2. Fair treatment across the whole supply chain
3. Appreciation of the staff

We set ourselves three goals to improve our work, one for each of the three above mentioned aspects:


Cover 10-15% of our energy consumption with renewable energy by the installation of a photovoltaic system


Increase of 15% of our sorting and packing efficiency by the purchase of a new sorting machine


Health promotion by development of leisure possibilities for harvesters